Testing of CNC machine before purchase. How do I do that?

CNC machines have to be efficient and economical. To a large extent, they replace the work of human hands, which is sometimes inaccurate, and at the same time much more expensive. Before buying a CNC machine it is worth to check it and see if the model will be suitable. Numerically controlled devices can be divided into professional and amateur devices. Each of them will find their buyers, but you have to be aware of the differences and certain limitations. So how do you find out which machine is right for your business and which machine is right for your home?

How do I check my CNC machine?

It is worthwhile to test the CNC machine on the basis of a few cut parts. All differences and inconveniences are visible when cutting out basic geometric figures such as square or triangle. It is worth using 100 mm statues, 5-8 mm thick, 50 mm/second speed, made of such hard materials as are planned to be produced.

The first quality control starts with the square. Check that the corners are sharp and straight, there must be no wavy spots in the corners, and in the waste material the cutter should be even. It is also necessary to measure with an electronic caliper in both directions. The difference for milling machines should not exceed 0.02 mm.

Then use the tool angle bar to check the right angle. No gaps should be visible. This test can also be carried out on two cut out squares and their comparison after joining them together (one square turns upside down) - they should ideally coincide. This test indicates the perpendicularity of the X, Y axes.

In the case of triangle checking, it is worth looking at the slanting walls. When cutting them out, the CNC machine moves in two axes. The more the surface of the walls is jagged, the worse the drives and the interpolator work.

CNC Course

Knowledge of the machining technology and operation of a CNC machine will be helpful during the tests. The CNC course provides a theoretical and practical basis that allows you to quickly locate the areas you need to study and to get to know the culture of machine tools. The CNC course prepares you to work as a CNC operator and programmer, which allows you to get a job in one of the fastest growing industries in the market looking for qualified specialists.