XTRF - project management in the translation industry

Today's translation agencies have more and more work to do. This is due to a number of factors, including globalisation and the growing importance of User Generated Content. Quality expectations, which are constantly increasing, vary depending on the type of text to be translated. But there is something that has changed irrevocably. The times when one text was spent on a few days are gone.

Now it is not only the quality that counts, but also the time of execution of the order. Clients report to the translation agencies and ask them to translate their texts as soon as possible. So what should we do to ensure that our translation company is able to meet the expectations of as many clients as possible, so that they can come back to us? It's worth investing in XTRF. This is a programme developed in 2004 on behalf of LIDOLANG, the Polish Technical Translations Agency.

How does the XTRF system work and what benefits can it bring when coordinating office work?

Operation of the XTRF programme

XTRF is a tool for process management in translation companies. The system is equipped with many useful options that will significantly speed up and facilitate the operation of translation agencies. These include: translation project and customer database management and invoicing process management. Thanks to the software we will prepare a valuation of orders and we will be able to manage files easily. XTRF will not only improve the work of the whole office, but will also make it easier to find the most suitable translators depending on the documents to be translated.

Manager in a translation agency

Translation agency managers value this software mainly for its ability to maintain order and control the flow of documents. Another very important function is the ability to easily control finances (budget planning, revenue and expenditure calculators).

You can access the software from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Each user has his own login and password, so he will be able to log in when he needs to and complete the previously started work. Archiving and backing up your data will ensure the security of your files. The XTRF system interface is available in many languages. These include English, French, Spanish, German, Polish and languages that use a different alphabet than Latin: Chinese, Russian or Ukrainian. The most important functions also include: the ability to send notifications via e-mail, the option to suggest rates, complaint management, the module of availability of subcontractors and a simplified system of communication with them, as well as the module of financial analysis and control of overdue payments. The automation of all repetitive activities will significantly speed up the work of any translation agency. Check the available financial plans.

There are countless translation agencies currently operating on the market. If we want our company to become unrivalled, we must invest in the most modern solutions, which will affect not only the speed of performance of services, but also their quality.