Poland will be overwhelmed by the gold rush?

Poles want to have gold and buy more and more. For years, the market of this precious metal in Poland has been growing significantly and will probably continue to grow. It is estimated that next year Poles will spend a billion zlotys on investment gold. There are three reasons for this.

First of all, we can observe an increase in the awareness of Poles about the values of locating metals: gold and silver. Here, education is constantly developing, maybe it is not yet common knowledge. This topic does not appear very often in the media. Experts from various financial institutions ignore the subject of gold for obvious reasons. It is a competition for traditional financial products. However, there are many books, there is the Internet. Poles are educated, educated and their awareness is growing.

The second reason, according to the expert, is the political and macroeconomic situation, which is definitely conducive to investing in gold. For a long time now, Kruszec has been perceived as an alternative to traditional forms of capital investment: deposits, investment funds or shares. Gold is treated as a kind of "insurance policy" for difficult, uncertain times. You can always buy a bar or a coin, you can keep it at home and there are no crises, no political turmoil will make the bar disappear.

The third reason is the easy availability of gold and our willingness to save money. According to research, Poles keep two thirds of their savings in cash, on deposits or regular bank accounts. The expert estimates that this is the reason why the market has the potential for growth: on the Polish market gold is becoming a very accessible product for everyone to buy a gold coin or a bar. Actually, there are more and more stationary stores that offer this type of products.

The Polish investment gold market is estimated at approximately 6-7 tons and is nearly 20 times smaller than the German market. Still the most frequently chosen product is a gold bar weighing one ounce or one hundred grams. Recently, however, there has been a growing interest in smaller weights. - From 200 PLN you can buy a gold bar, which is often used as a gift or is simply associated with regular savings.