How to translate your company's website?

A company's website is the most effective way to reach the largest possible audience. It is often the first contact with a potential customer - through it he or she can contact the company in order to establish cooperation and discuss details. A website is a virtual showcase of every brand, so we have to make sure that it presents itself aesthetically and sensibly. If our company achieves international successes, we should think about creating a website in different language versions.

Corporate Translation Software

Why is the website in different language versions more attractive for the audience? It may be a proof of prestige and the fact that our company is valued all over the world. Whenever possible and our business actually has a wide reach, we can create multiple language versions of our website. It should be remembered, however, that it should be professional, faithfully reflect the offers in our native language, but also adapted to the standards of foreign cultures, on which languages we will translate product descriptions. The most important thing is that businessmen should be guided by the language of the target market.

Our offer and product catalogue must be presented in such a way as to be comprehensible to foreign customers. A website is a marketing tool, people managing its resources must have a wide range of knowledge. We can involve a translation agency in the project - our texts should be professional and compatible with the Polish version. If we undertake cooperation with a translation agency, it is best to cooperate with one that has specialists from various industries in its circles. The selection should be based on criteria such as competence and proficiency in specialist translations. It is important for a translator to have the expertise to professionally translate the terms used by our company.

automation of marketing

Phone locator

For some time now, smartphones and tablets have been used more frequently than laptops and desktop computers. More and more often on these devices we do shopping and get acquainted with the offers of various shops. Some translation agencies have telephone localization in their offer, thanks to which we can quickly trace the parts of the world from which our company's auctions are observed. However, if the scope of activity of the translation agency chosen by us does not include the localization of a mobile phone or laptop, we can use the services of companies that offer such a solution. Localization of the device is a very important issue in the process of translating websites. It involves not only technical translation, but also the presentation of content based on psychological and cultural differences. We can also not forget to change the format of the date, currency, etc.. Sometimes we have to use regionally specific expressions. How to adapt the content to the standards of the recipient? Automation of marketing will be helpful.

Automation of marketing

In order to best match the offer to the needs and interests of customers, we can use marketing automation. This process consists in conducting marketing activities in such a way as to increase the effectiveness of sales campaigns. Marketing Automation uses special software and tools that can improve all of our operations. In automation we collect and process all information generated from sales leads (data of potential customers). Thanks to the identification and personalization of data, we can automatically send a specific offer in a specific language to an individual customer.

Our website must encourage you to use our service/purchase products. As you know, we are most willing to buy things that we can learn as much as possible about before buying them. Offers that are presented in the native language are better received by customers, so we can gain their trust faster.

Nowadays, the universal language is English, so when we translate our website, we must also offer the English version of the website. If we conduct market research and find out that we have a lot of Italian customers, we should create an Italian version to make it easier for them to shop. The same will apply to other nationalities.

We wish you international success!