Working on oneself and motivating others to act

What is motivation? In short, it is a driving force that encourages us to act. Motivated, we make decisions easier and faster. However, how motivated we feel is influenced by various issues, including other people. It is known that not everything depends on us, but it all starts with us. How far we will go is due to our determination and the support of third parties.

Motivation - types

There are two types of motivation - external and internal. As you can easily guess, the outside is dependent on external factors and the system. Our actions are subordinated to public opinion, and the system and society often guide our next steps.

The second type of motivations, i.e. internal (also called "learning"), depends mainly on satisfying one's own ambitions and completing all goals and plans. In addition, the very process of acquiring knowledge gives us great joy and satisfaction.

Motivation - from euphoria to melancholy

Unfortunately, we have to take into account the fact that the pursuit of the goal is an eternal sine qua non. First we will have a thousand ideas per minute and a great enthusiasm for work, then we will completely doubt our strength. People who focus on one task work better and more efficiently than people who do a thousand things at a time. The most important is our attitude towards the environment, controlling ourselves, i.e. the way of thinking, expressing thoughts, and contacting other people. If we can't cope with this on our own, we can always take advice from experienced people and experts.

Motivational speaker - is coaching a good idea?

Coaching is a very popular and profitable business in the USA. It has been cultivated in Europe for a long time. More and more people in society are unable to find their own path of development and set their own goals. To our rescue goes a coach - a charismatic person who will help us to specify our dreams. Trainers attract crowds, share their experiences in books, blogs and motivational blogs, go to conferences and meetings. More and more often coaches are hired to conduct company trainings, where they motivate employees to work more effectively.

How to motivate yourself?

It happens that motivation is intertwined with discouragement, especially when we have a specific goal, and striving for it is more difficult than we expected. Self-improvement is a hard process, but it is worth sacrificing, because the effects will be surprising!