What should we do if we damage equipment from the rental company?

It is not uncommon that our financial capabilities do not allow us to purchase the necessary equipment, which we need to use. In such a situation, a helpful hand is the rental of power tools. It is a possibility to use the necessary equipment in exchange for a fee that takes into account only the real time in which we used it. However, what happens if the rented equipment breaks down or is damaged?

The temptation to repair yourself

Usually, when we damage rented equipment, there is a temptation to carry out repairs on our own, for fear of having to cover the costs. However, is this a positive move? The tool rental company has high quality equipment at its disposal. These are devices which are distinguished by their complex construction and advanced technological solutions. Self-repair can lead to even greater damage, which in turn will generate much higher costs. So it's not worth the risk. Repair work should only be carried out by specialists.

Mechanical failure or failure

The general rule concerning the use of rented equipment is that the user is liable for damages. Repair costs are usually borne by the customer, and this provision is paid for in the contract. Many companies make the difference between a failure and a mechanical failure. Most companies, without this distinction, impose an obligation on the customer to bear the costs of the repair. However, some companies determine the cause of the damage. In the event that a specialist determines that a tool has failed due to natural operation, the "ageing" of the equipment that is already in need of regeneration shall waive any financial responsibility on the part of the customer. The situation is completely different when the damage is the result of improper use of the device, using it improperly. In such a case, the costs will be charged to the customer. The issue of mechanical damage (fracture/crack, etc.) is very similar. The costs will always be charged to the user.