The brilliance and shadows of freelance work

Being a freelancer is talked about in many ways, emphasizing not only certain shortcomings, but also the benefits of being able to organize your own work. Some professions are somehow designed to be tempted to perform them independently. This is the case with computer graphic designers and programmers, business consultants and copywriters, among others. Performing free professions often evokes positive associations in us, because it is hard to resist the vision of long, lazy mornings with freshly ground coffee. However, it should be borne in mind that being a freelancer is not only a pleasure, as the liberal profession has not only advantages but also disadvantages.

Advantage one - the decision is yours

At least theoretically, a freelancer can only select orders that are of interest to him and that are beneficial to him at the same time. Being a freelancer is also a lot of freedom, which allows you to pursue your own passions and deepen your knowledge in a given field. Sometimes it is also a guarantee of more money for a given order.

The second advantage is that you choose the method yourself.

Freelancer himself decides which method of performing the tasks entrusted to him will be the most effective, and at the same time, while freely disposing of time, he can prepare an appropriate action plan. He has a sense of full independence and decision making.

Third advantage - the choice of location is up to you

Freelancer is able to work from almost any place, provided that he finds the necessary means to perform his task. Today, it is helped by universal access to the Internet and light, portable computers. Thanks to this, it is not a problem to perform the tasks entrusted to him not only at home, but also in his favorite restaurant, train or even in a rented office. Also, the effects of his work do not have to be presented only during stationary meetings, but also those that are conducted online.

The fourth advantage - the freelancer can dictate the conditions

Freelancer has not only abnormal working hours, but also flexibility, so the problem is no longer how to spread the working hours over the day in such a way that they are the most productive. In this way, you can find time for family members and relatives and deal with many official matters without stress.

Disadvantage one - you have to motivate yourself

When it comes to organising time, the freelancer must ensure that it is appropriate, and it is up to him to plan his activities and motivate himself to ensure that the order is carried out within the time set in advance. Very often, it turns out that in motivating oneself to work, the watchful eye of a superior helps the most. Unfortunately, Freelancer can't count on them.

Disadvantage two - the freelancer has no employee privileges

Today, employees working in large corporations can enjoy not only paid leave, but also a business phone or computer. Freelancer decides when the holiday time is coming, but it is a period when he does not earn money.

Being a freelancer requires you to decide for yourself what your plan of action is and then follow it uncompromisingly. This implies the need for an adequate organisation of the working environment and, above all, the ability to separate private and professional life.

Disadvantage four - there is no such thing as a permanent transfer to your account

Continuous payments to the account provide many of us with a sense of security and stability. However, if we are dealing with freelancers, there is no question of them. Yes, individual orders are often associated with inflows above the national average, but they have to be looked for all the time, which means irregular inflows.