Low cash loan installments - where is the best place?

Are you trying to take out a cash loan? Instead of choosing a random offer, choose the solution that best suits your financial situation. Check in which bank you can count on a loan with low installments.

Cash loans are very popular among Poles - not only during the Christmas period. Additional money is always useful when you are surprised by an unforeseen expense or a special shopping opportunity, etc. However, in order to make sure that taking out a cash loan does not turn out to be a trap without an exit, it is worth deciding on a comparison of financial products. By devoting only a few minutes to analysis, you can save at least a few hundred zlotys.

How to reduce the amount of the cash loan installment?

If you care about a low interest rate, you can try to reduce it. You have a choice:

  • Extension of the loan term - the longer you repay the obligation, the lower the monthly cost.
  • a reduction in the amount requested - the lower the amount requested, the lower the instalments adapted to the financial possibilities
  • negotiations on lowering the margin - this will allow to reduce the interest rate, which will translate into lower interest added to the capital part of the instalment.

Ranking of the cheapest cash loans

The banks' offer of cash loans is very diverse. Everything depends on individual policies and current promotions. However, you do not need to obtain and analyze data yourself - the credit rating will help you to do this.

Let's assume you need 15,000 zlotys for your vacation. You want to repay your debt within 36 months. You can count on a cash loan with a low installment in such banks as:

  • Bank Pocztowy - instalment at the level of PLN 476.93 (RRSO 9.37%)
  • Nest Bank - the instalment amounts to PLN 482.99 (RRSO 10.31%)
  • Citi Handlowy - the instalment oscillates around PLN 483.64 (RRSO 10.41%).

These are attractive amounts, taking into account the most expensive offer prepared by Plus Bank. Taking out a Cash Loan, the monthly instalment will amount to as much as PLN 596.24. The difference in the total amount to be repaid is more than 4000 PLN.

Do you already know why it is worth comparing cash loans with each other? Thanks to this you can not only choose the offer with the lowest installment, but also save up to several thousand zlotys.