How do I find out who called?

A strange number that appears on your phone's screen may cause concern. Very often in such a situation we hesitate to answer or call back. We are afraid that this is someone with whom we absolutely do not want to talk or a call center employee with a new offer, which will be very hard to leave behind. Finally, we also live in a time of mistrust - you never know whose basket you'll be talking to and what you'll be aiming for. That is why the first impulse is often the desire to find out who called. Unfortunately, since the rules have changed, it has not been easy at all. How do we know whose number it is and do we always need to know?

Why do we want to know?

There are several reasons why we like to know who called us. First of all, some people are not fond of talking to strangers on the phone, so they try to avoid them as much as possible. Others, on the other hand, are afraid of the phones of charismatic salesmen, with whom it will be difficult for them to hang up and, what is more, refuse to buy. Finally, we just like to be prepared for who we're going to talk to. It's completely normal - that's why we wonder how to check whose number it is. A good way to easily check your number is by using the online phonebook.

Data collection services

Before the reform of the Data Protection Acts, everyone had a telephone directory at home. It was easy to check whose number it was - the book gave names and addresses. Today, this is not possible, nor is it possible to make a phone call to the hotline for this purpose. However, there are services that collect similar data. Unfortunately, using them is not entirely legal - it is better not to do so. Visiting them from your computer can end in trouble.

unknown phone number

Forums with information on trade numbers

There are also services where you can check whose phone number it is, if it belongs to a call center database or to a company whose data is publicly available. People who answered such a phone call and found out that it was a commercial offer, and in addition, the caller was insistent and it was difficult to end the conversation culturally, they put numbers on the service or on the forum. It is worth checking it out - such websites are not illegal, and at the same time allow you to exclude the option of a long conversation about pots and tableware in an extremely promotional offer.

Does it always have to be known?

It is also worth following the principles of common sense. We don't always necessarily need to know who called and what they wanted. Sometimes we don't need this knowledge for anything - if it's a mistake, the phone won't ring again. If an old friend somehow got our number from somewhere and wants to make an appointment for coffee, she will surely call!

Calls from unknown numbers should be answered when we are waiting for a courier (perhaps he is standing at the door and cannot leave the parcel to a neighbor until he gets our permission) or we have sent out a few CVs. Let us never call foreign numbers back for this - it involves high costs. It is better to simply wait until the person concerned calls again and then pick up the phone so that the call can be made at their expense.