Cheap smartphones - reasonable price and quality

Efficient processor, good camera and Android - this is one of the many features desired for both expensive and cheaper smartphones. Choosing a cheap phone is not easy, and buying a device without proper knowledge can cause a lot of problems. What cheap smartphones stand out in the market and what to pay attention to when selecting them? Is it worth buying cheap smartphones from China?

Cheap smartphones - what to buy?

When choosing low-budget phones, it is important to remember that the brand is not always important, such as myPhone FUN 6, which is not only a cheap dual sim smartphone, but also a device with a large, convenient display. Low-cost smartphones include models with a good battery, HD display, fingerprint reader or dual camera. So it is important to consider what matters most to the user? Very often inexpensive devices work longer and more efficiently than those on the top shelf - which smartphones belong to them?

Cheap smartphones with a good camera

For those who want to have a good camera, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It has two stabilized cameras with a resolution of 12 Mpix, but one is distinguished by a wide-angle lens with a 1/2" matrix. In addition, the smartphone records UHD 4K (3840 x 2160 px) movies at 60 fps at UHD 4K (3840 x 2160 px). Slow motion mode is also available, with 960 fps in HD or 240 fps in Full HD.

Another example of a low-budget smartphone with a good camera is Xiaomi Redmi 6A or Huawei Y5 2018. In the first one, the manufacturer placed a single 12 Mpix main camera with f/2.2 light and a single 5 Mpx selfie camera with f/2.2 aperture. The main unit has an 8 Mpx sensor with an aperture of f/2.2, LED and AF. The aperture brightness is f/1.9. In addition, Huawei Y5 2018 has many interesting filters that affect not only light or contrast, but also color intensity.

Smartphones for every pocket

What cheap smartphone from lte for less than 300 PLN?

The leading standard of current phones is lte connectivity, which guarantees high data transfer capacity. Continuous development made it possible to buy a smartphone with this feature without a big budget, such as Goclever Quantum 3 500 Lite, MyPhone Pocket 2, BLOW N5 or Maxcom Smart MS514.

The most popular operating system

Many users appreciate Android phones - not without a reason. It is an open system, without a number of limitations, and it is also developed in integration with Google services. On the market you can easily find cheap smartphones with Android, such as LG K40, Samsung Galaxy J4, Xiaomi Mi A2 LITE or Nokia 5.1 dual sim.

Also popular are Android Oreo (Go edition) phones with a small amount of RAM and better data transfer management. Such devices include Nokia 1 or Alcatel 1.

Cheap 5.5-inch smartphones

Fans of slightly smaller screens will be pleased with such phones as: Kiano Elegance NOKIA 5.1, Xiaomi Redmi 6A or Manta MSP95012GR Titano 1 (5 inches). Smaller dimensions contribute to more comfortable, everyday use, but for those looking for cheap 6-inch smartphones, we recommend Samsung Galaxy j4+ or Motorola Moto e5 plus.